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Now a days my life seems like a chaos, but last night I found that is not a waste at all.

Cause the Wizard still alive, in Nowhere. And he knows how to find the secrets of my heart. How to create wonderful spells and he loves me like I’m.

Fuente de imagen: Alex Alemany

Even if his kingdom is  so far away, he’s always over there chasing the right way to open the door once again.

I’m sure that the cottage is just like I remember, with all the books on the table, the sofa near the window and strawberries growing in the garden. Still being a lot of small bottles lined on wardrobe shelves.

I know that he got a pretty smart apprentice, with blue eyes and cleaver sight, the one who destiny is preserve and protect all the Wizard secrets. Svetozar is his name, and both are learning the way to keep Nowhere as safe as posible.

All those threads of melodies, that they’re making are fixing my deep wounds. I’m sure that we have enough time to still keeping this warm feelings to each other inside us.

Sometimes the life is like a juke box, and keep inside a lot of melodies. And the Wizard is the only one who can open it, and makes me feel happy, to be here, and there and of course, we still together in Nowhere.



Las bibliotecas son crisoles de conocimiento, tengo la fortuna de trabajar en una de ellas.

Platícame que piensas de lo que escribo.

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