Dear Kostia:

I wrote this for you six years ago. It’s just a little bit “dusted”, but is my way to let you know, once again, that I still here. My dear and lovely Frozen Wizard.

palomillayoFuente de imagen: Palomilla Apocatastásica

She open her eyes, a warmth feeling embrace her. Her wings were damaged, but with some care, will be cured. Her body was lying in the middle of the dark lake, but her mind and spirit were with her Moth form.

Moth loose the Wizard’s path when he tryed to find the cave, but was  necesary for her, try to find him again and show him that the only way to help her to return to her body was hide inside the brilliant violet bottle in the cottage.

That was long time ago, now a days a fresh wind started to blow so strong.


Platícame que piensas de lo que escribo.

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