58. Here, there, everywhere

My dear friend: I’m trying to imagine how is your new life.

Few minutes ago I saw a graphic with a shining star and suddenly

I remembered that you still living under the same stars than me.


There’s a lake in an ancient forest, that spreads in whispers old spells to the earth. The waves of the surface emerged from the deepest part of it, where many creatures are living since the beginning of time.

The Wizard is learning how to find the answer of his existence, he took a boat and sailed in the dark blue surface of the lake. His oars cut the water, and a cold wind from the north made him feel unquiet. The Moth disappeared months ago, and he’s worried about her, now he needs to find the right way to summon her, but the answer is hiden with the secrets of the enchanted lake.

Moth is still dying, after she drank the poison prepared by the Witch in the cauldron, after her visit to the lonely Wizard cottage, trying to find the way to cure her wounds of anger.

Now the only one who can save her and return her real identity is the Wizard, and he is carrying the brightness of the real appearance of the Moth in a small purple bottle, precisely the one that contained the rest of the poison.

Wizard didn’t know what the relation between the Witch and the Moth was, and why Moth drank the poison to punish herself.

In the middle of the lake there’s an island, that keeps the door that will lead the Wizard to the kingdom of water creatures.


The Wizard returned to his cottage, looking through the window, thinking how to find the Moth. He returned from the dark lake without a trace. ¿Where the Moth is?

But Moth was under the effects of a powerful spell in a deep cave under the water. Her wings were frozen, her body was middle woman, middle moth. Her soul was fighting between worlds. Trying to find the light, the warmth inside her, but time still running, and each moment was like all the ages of the earth.

Suddenly he remind a small bottle with a silver substance in the shelf. His heart started to beat faster inside his chest. With to much care he picked up the bottle.

When he open the lid a horrible moan of sorrow let out from there. Suddenly big tear drops started to fell down from the walls, sliping through the door.

The heart of Wizard fall into a deep silence, his heart beats were as whispers, almost imperceptibles. When he open the door he found a gray landscape. The tears were turning everything around the cottage in creepy silhouettes. Each teardrop kill the happiness in the land. A heavy cloud of ashes hide the sun rays.

But this is the only way, said Wizard murmuring.


The Wizard walked  through the forest,  surrounded by sadly moaning. Behind him the grass became to turn in gray. With the time against him, and the cold wind of north, he knew that the only way to save Moth was in his hands.

In the cave, the Moth was living a nightmare, the body aching her, as thousand of burning needles.  The venom that she drank was enough for kill her in seconds. But, something inside keep her alive. A small light in her heart was connected with Wizard, each beat, each weak breath were linked with him.

Standing for a while, in the shore of the lake, Wizard started to whisper to the power of elements. He summoned to the wind, the fire, the air and at last to the water.  By a second the world seems suspended, the beat of his heart was just a lonely sound in Nowhere.

With his wand he started to draw some ancient hieroglyphics, that appeared burning the sky as a fire wall. The wind spread the fire line around the lake until built  a kind of cage.

In the middle of the lake the waves were pulling  a huge dark shadow that emerge from the depth. And the voice of  the old lake spirit started to talk so loud.

-What you want from me? Why you wake me up from my ancient dreams?

With his strength Wizard said: Just you have something that belongs to me. Some of your creatures steal to my loyal servant. I’m here for ask you for her.

-Do you know that nobody can disturb me? There’s a punishment that you have to pay for that.  What will you do to correct this serious mistake?

Wizard open his cloak and took from it the small silver bottle, with care he cut the lid and thin threads appeared. Turning into delicate and bright chains.

The old spirit of depth cried in pain, suddenly he found himself  trapped with chains.

The Wizard took the opportunity, he ran to the boat, direct to the island. He knew that the enchantment effect was temporary, he need to hurry.


She open her eyes, a warmth feeling embrace her. She felt a pain at her back, cause her wings were damaged, Moth were in troubles, but with some care it will be cured. Even if her body was lying in the middle of the dark lake, her mind and spirit were with Moth.

She tried to contact to the Wizard thought Moth, but with the Black Wind, the Moth loose the Wizard’s path when he were trying to find the cave.

Now was  necessary for her, try to find him again and show him that the only way to help her to return to her body was hided inside the brilliant violet bottle in the cottage.


A fresh wind surround the cottage, the Wizard opened the door and smile. In  the garden fence was her loyal servant, with a baby in her arms, the baby got a deep blue but clever sigth. The Wizard carry him in his arms and called him  in a very soft spoken: Yaroslav

They shouldn’t forget the ancient knowledge, the power of the wind, the earth, the water and fire. And Yaroslav was there to learn how to keep the wheel running.


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