63. Because

Why should I write about fairies or dwarfs, wizards and moths? Someone can said, that there’s not enough place for fantasies in  this damaged world. But I can said that we are living in a world with to much pain, and that’s why we have to cure that deep wounds.

antique_mapPerhaps, cause one day I found a sound that make me wondering. A voice from nowhere, showed me a new vision of the smallest world that I got.

Even when his territory is always cold, there’s warmth inside his heart. He helped me to trace new ways to be free, to crush my mental chains, to give to myself the opportunity to grow, to shine through my words.

We still living in parallel landscapes, on the walls in the diamonds hall in the Blue Castle, in a land without borderlands.

And no matter how far we are, cause we still alive, and one day we will be face to face, just in silence, cause we could listen our words without sound.

If you ask me how it is possible, I just will answer that all is possible in our world.

Tabhair dom do lamh
In a lullaby between death and birth is
where the mantra of a magus alighted on
the flounced ridge of a petal to rest..
So do we dream.

When I asked its way,
‘Thought’ with a voice unlipped did say
“where there is meaning in frost,
there is wisdom in ice.”

Where can I find you on a wet and
stormy day?

“Seek me between the droplets
where death is but a door and
where tomorrow lies dormant in a
seanachai’s lore”.

So I looked for you when there was no
angel in the snow.
I looked for you
when the hyacinths began to grow
beside your cottage door.

And in the end I came
to know you for a muse
when last summer’s leaves
became the autumn pages
where we compose the poems we choose.


Platícame que piensas de lo que escribo.

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