66. And she talked about old days


My grandma told us, her appreciation about Mokba in 1983. She was amazed about the high trees in the middle of the city. About the long lines for try to buy some products.

That’s why I know about Matrioshkas, Balalaikas and Bolshoi, but it was long time ago. Now the things are like in every where: Capitalism is the word, is the mark printed in our lives.

But I like to remember my beautiful porcelain doll, with perfect white skin and blue dress.

Now I have more idea how si the real Ruski life, cause before I met you, I just had a kind of pink and smooth image from Red Square, and cabbage and potato soup, and about vodka.

My grandpa’s used to said that from whole world, he met the most beautiful women in Rusia…I think that he was right, looking at them with those heavy skin coats.

Now Rusia have a face, is your face that reminds me all those stories that my grandma’s use to tell us long time ago, and she still talking about that, just like if she just have arrived today.

Regards my dear friend, my tavarish.

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And she talked about old days



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