69. Changes

All changes my friend, but at the end we discover that all was like in the begining.

I got a kind of ilusion, and I was working hard for keep it by my side, but as usual, isn’t enough.

Tired, I’m tired as you, and yeah, we’re old now, suddenly we have new responsabilities but Where we are?

Do you think we lost anything important to us? I can remember those nights, when we used to talk hours and hours. And now I feel sad, and I’m angry with myself.

Maybe is time to return to those kind of things that make us feel happy few years ago. Any way, you know that you still being my Wizard, the one who keep safe the lands of the Blue Castle.

The one who can built a universe in each melody, the one who was there holding me so hard when all was so dark and my soul was so sick.

You’re my Wizard.


Platícame que piensas de lo que escribo.

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