70. The lake shore belongs to you

Dear Kostia:

Long time ago I found you in some unusual place. We built a bridge between our worlds. Fire and Ice.

After that something magical grow, a faeric land, a blue castle, a deep blue lake and a cottage.

We spend to much time over there, creating new ways to share, music, letters, words. As a resoult we still here. Even if we leave for some periods this land, but we both know that we can return again and again.

¿You don’t think possible that?

I belive

And no matter if most of people think that our place is unreal, I know that is real cause I been there walking beside you. I been sitting on the sofa near the window, I been looking at you making spells and transforming them into music.

You are the Wizard, your mind make it possible. Just don’t give up.


Platícame que piensas de lo que escribo.

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