71. Show me your magic

Once upon a time, in a dark night, the Wizard was looking trough a magic window. He look a strange creature, who was losted in the middle of the treacherous net: it was a Moth.

He feel some sad for her and decided to take care of her for a while.

Years passed by, and the Moth, learn slowly. With Wizard’s help, she learn how to listen the sounds of world, the earth was beating under her feet. She learn how to fly in the middle of a storm, and how to travel around Nowhere, watching all the creatures that use to appear and dissappear in that magic land.

The Wizard was very patient with her, he knew all her weakness and fears. He told her the way to be stronger, and heal her wounds.

And the Moth felt that the world wasn’t as dark, as terrible, as sad as she was thinking.

One of the most important spells of Wizard was the Music Enchantment, it was posible the beautiest of all that he can summon. When he start the spell, it was like if a thousands of colored ribbons fall from the sky and surround the people.

Amazing  sounds rise from his wand and unbelievable forms appear everywere.

Moth always was asking begging him: Show me your magic, and one day the Wizard make a special Music Enchantment for her, he call it Starblink.

Photograph by: Konstanter


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