72. Sounds of hearts

The Moth woke up after couple centuries. Everything was kind of sleepy, some deep fog rise above the land, the silence causes her fear. She tried to remember the last time that she walked over there.

Was necesary start to walk and try to find what was happening. She started do whisper, asking to the wind, to the water, to the earth, the news since she left.

A fresh air touch her face, and guide her into the forest.  She notice that the silence was very strange, there’s no birds singing, no rabbits or deers where over there. But was convinced to find the Wizard. Nothing will be the same, but the fait in his wisdom was the only thing real in that enchanted place.

She walk and walk behind the wind’s path, until the forest became into a small valley. In the middle of it she found the cottage, exactly as she left it long time before.

The door was open, all the furniture was covered with dust, the coach near the window, where she used to stay was broken. The wardrobe was rust, some bottles was broken too. At the bottom of it she found the old spells book.

She put the book on the table and open it. Was quite complicated understand what was written on it, she felt a kind of lethargy and fall asleep.

In her dream she was walking throw a very stretch alley, following a kid with very clear blue eye. He took her to the hand and tell to her that she should stay in that place.

The kid suddenly dissapear and in the wall she notice some thin but bright lines. Some drawings appear in the surface and she touch it in the middle of a huge star what was in front of her eyes.

Then she started to listen a melody, and recognice the Wizards voice from Nowhwere asking her to search for the small bottle marked as “Solitaire voyage”.


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