67. Listen

Listen to me my dear friend, that I still here, that I belive in the light that is inside you.

Listen to me even if you think that my words are empty, or that I’m lying to you. Belive when I said that I care about you.

Even if you’re hopeless now or if the darkness is trying to make you fall once again.

You need to know that you are special for me, that you give me hope when I was hopeless too, when I was in darkness with broken wings and I want to leave this life.

Listen to me, cause I’m telling you that you have thousand reasons for still in Nowhere. Some heart is beating stronger waiting for your atentions.

And I still here, builting each day a bridge to cross the ocean. Even if this for you were just meaning less words.

I will be here, waiting for your voice.


Platícame que piensas de lo que escribo.

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