68. This lonely dialog

Tonight I’m missing you, I’m losted in your melodies. So, in this lonely dialog I want to tell you that was so good to share with you a window. Cause are things that can’t be explaned in a logical and rational way.

Just I know that now there’s a beautiful story that soon will start, the story of you in a new stage of your life.

You will be blessed, but perhaps there´s some cycles that should be closed before, all those things are necessary for release you. Your Glory to the sun will arrive, and I’ll be glad if you let me share that part of you like with me as you use to do it.

I’m listening your Dialog for one, and after that, the words became to my mind, trying to find you. But I know that you’re in Nowhere for me.


Platícame que piensas de lo que escribo.

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